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ladies hands open in prayer transforming lives with Holy Spirit
A Programme or Schedule to fit your needs...

With the guidance of Holy Spirit, as an evangelising mission team, we want to fit in and meet your needs in your culture so as to tailor an evening, a day, a weekend or longer which will suit your particular parish atmosphere, or your diocesan team, or your specific community needs.  We want to be there to teach you how to be better equipped in your particular 'field hospital of love'.

Below are some ideas of what we could offer.  Let us know if there is something else you have in mind if it is not mentioned below.

Our Lady of Lincoln Church Healing Service Adoration

An Evening's Healing Service

An evening of about 3 hours (which may include Holy Mass) when we ask the Lord to bring inner and physical healing to His people.

The evening would include Praise & Worship; a time of Gospel Proclamation with uplifting Preaching; a time for Holy Spirit to release 'words of knowledge' followed by a period for corporate prayer for healing. We also encourage those who experience healing to give glory to God by sharing testimonies. Where possible, we try to ensure a time for individual prayer ministry.

teaching talk given by Transform ministries mission team

Prophecy Workshop or Day of Prophetic Teaching

The Workshop or day of teaching will include a look at the role of prophecy in the church today with a specific focus on the Churches' teaching relating to this particular gift of Holy Spirit. The time will be founded in scripture and prayer.

All the teaching will be enriched by practical demonstrations and will encourage those attending to step into this gifting based on the scripture "Make love your aim, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy."

(1 COR 14:1)

Gifts of the Spirit workshop praise and worship with Holy Spirit

'Gifts of the Spirit' Workshop, Day of Teaching or Weekend of Teaching

Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI and St Pope John Paul II have all laid an important emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit in 'these' days and have encouraged the 'Church' to seek to know and be in deeper relationship personally with Holy Spirit. We are all encouraged to live a 'life in the Spirit'.  It is with this in mind that we offer this time of teaching on the sometime neglected third part of the Trinity along with His gifts and fruits.

Be transformed in Jesus name Eucharistic adoration

'Be Transformed in Jesus Name' Retreat Day or Weekend

We focus here on teaching those who attend about who they are in Christ and what their identity is founded in.  We seek to give scriptural and Church teaching on identity and transformation and help participants recognised toxic thought patterns and lies.

These teaching days are always focused on Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Spirit in power and glory and the love of our Heavenly Father.

Mens Catholic retreat day or weekend

Men's Retreat Day or Weekend

We know that it is important for Christian men to spend time together to develop, strengthen and grow in their faith in an atmosphere that celebrates what it is to be a man in these times. The time together will include praise and worship, Mass, engaging talks, times for discussion and sharing, adoration with opportunities for individual ministry. 

inner healing in Jesus name retreat day or weekend eucharistic adoration

Day or Weekend of 'Healing the Wounded Soul' Retreat

We can become governed by toxic thoughts and allow lies to becomes our 'truths'.  We can learn to exist with hidden, deep wounds that are not visible to the outside world.  Come and be restored and transformed in Jesus name at this retreat for inner restoration.

Healing during eucharistic adoration

Teaching Conferences

This type of event, of course, could cover any aspect of our Catholic life and could include a mix of scriptural and magisterial teaching with times of practical application in breakout groups or otherwise.

We could adapt this time to completely meets the needs of your community or group.

Catholic study group workshop teaching

"Team Training Events" for Diocese, Parish or Community groups

Perhaps as a diocesan group or as a community or parish, you have recognised that there is more you could do if your team had the appropriate training or help.....

Perhaps you have identified a particular area in which you would like us to help your team to grow, such as being trained:

* how to offer safe and gentle prayer ministry,

* how to bless others more deeply,

* how to pray for healing of the body and soul, or

* guidance on how to give encouragement, words of knowledge and prophesy with care and in love (and more importantly, when not to!).

Or perhaps you would just like your team or group to better understand the power of intercession or when and how to pray for Baptism in the Spirit with others...

ladies retreat day or weekend catholic teaching

Ladies Retreat Day or Weekend

Sometimes ladies just want to spend time with the Lord in the company of other ladies.  Come and enjoy a time set aside to listen to talks and testimonies given by ladies to ladies.  There will times for quiet contemplation and going deeper together with an opportunity for individual prayer ministry.  There will be small group times to spend with our Mother, Mary as well as a time of Adoration of her Son Jesus. Towards the end of our time together we always like to have a time for socialising and sharing.


'Holy Spirit & Fire' focused Retreat Day or Weekend

once in a while its good to reconnect with the power and glory of Holy Spirit and be refreshed by His presence.  During the time spent going deeper with Holy Spirit, you will hear invigoration talks, be invited to receive impartations, spend time with the Lord in Adoration, celebrate Holy Spirit in Praise & Worship and encouraged to be 'baptised with Holy Spirit' again just as the disciples were at Pentecost.  

Come Holy Spirit!



Thanks for submitting!

"Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." (ROMANS 12:2)
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